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Staying Healthy with Diabetes

Many people in this country are diabetics. Sadly, my own mom was diagnosed with this chronic disease a few years ago. Since my mom found out she was a diabetic, I’ve been researching ways for her to successfully stay healthy with this disease. One way for diabetics to enjoy good health is by vigilantly taking care of their feet. Getting regular exercise helps with circulation issues in diabetics’ feet. Seeking prompt medical help for wounds in the feet is also essential for diabetics. On this blog, I hope you will discover how podiatrists effectively treat foot problems associated with diabetes.

How To Deal With An Ingrown Toenail: What You Need To Know

Anybody who is on their feet the majority of the day is at higher risk of developing an ingrown toenail. Athletes, dancers, and people who put a great deal of pressure on their feet for several hours a day, may find that they even have ingrown toenails more often than they do not. While a podiatrist can help you by digging out and removing that ingrown toenail, frequent trips to the podiatrist are not always necessary.

However, there are several remedies you can use at home to help you deal with your ingrown toenails. By using these remedies, you can avoid unneeded trips to the doctor, and take care of your pain and discomfort. All you need to do is learn your options and get started right away. 

Cut Your Nails The Right Way

First and foremost, to help prevent the development or recurrence of ingrown toenails, you need to know how to properly cut your toenails. When you cut your nails, you should do so after you have taken a bath or shower so that the nails are malleable and soft for cutting.

When you do cut your nails, use a designated toenail clipper. These have larger cutting blades that will allow you to cut the nail of even your big toe in one attempt. Make sure to cut your nails straight across. Try to avoid any jagged or curved cuts, as this can actually encourage ingrown toenails to form.

Have An Epsom Salt Foot Bath

Sometimes, no matter how well you cut your nails, ingrown toenails still occur. When this happens, there are ways for you to sooth the discomfort and to get rid of the problem. 

One such method is by soaking your feet in an Epsom salt foot bath. All you need is either a designated foot bath (you can purchase these at most drug stores), a large bucket, or even an old baby bathtub. Just make sure you can fit both of your feet into the tub.

Fill the tub or bucket with hot water and add a large scoop into the water, at least a 1/4 cup. Put your feet into the tub and relax for a while. You should allow your feet to soak for at least 20 minutes.

You may need to add a bit more hot water if the temperature becomes uncomfortable during those 20 minutes. You will notice immediate relief to your pain as soon as you dip your feet into the Epsom salt bath. Additionally, this mixture encourages your body to expel infection and can help cure your ingrown toenail.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are already a proponent of home remedies for illness, you probably already keep apple cider vinegar on hand to take in case of illness. However, you may not have thought of this as a treatment for your ingrown toenails. 

You can actually mix apple cider vinegar into a foot bath just like the Epsom salt and allow your feet to soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can apply pure apple cider vinegar to your affected toe once or twice a day to help heal the inflammation and get rid of the ingrown toenail.

Natural home remedies can help you cope with and rid yourself of ingrown toenails. All you need to do is give these options a try, and you will feel immediate relief. However, for further assistance, contact a company like Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center.