Staying Healthy with Diabetes

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Staying Healthy with Diabetes

Many people in this country are diabetics. Sadly, my own mom was diagnosed with this chronic disease a few years ago. Since my mom found out she was a diabetic, I’ve been researching ways for her to successfully stay healthy with this disease. One way for diabetics to enjoy good health is by vigilantly taking care of their feet. Getting regular exercise helps with circulation issues in diabetics’ feet. Seeking prompt medical help for wounds in the feet is also essential for diabetics. On this blog, I hope you will discover how podiatrists effectively treat foot problems associated with diabetes.

FAQ About Orthotics

Foot pain is one of the most common problems that people deal with who lives an active lifestyle, especially if they walk a lot each day. Foot pain will subside on its own most of the time, but sometimes the root of the problem is more serious than you might think. Foot pain can actually be caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis or damaged bones that can continuously become worse. A podiatrist can use various methods for treating foot pain, including crating custom orthotics that can be worn to give you some relief. Continue reading this article for answers to questions that are commonly asked in regards to orthotics.

What Are Orthotics?

Have you ever worn shoes that are not comfortable and decided to purchase pads that can be inserted in your shoes for extra support? Orthotics are similar to the shoe inserts that can be purchased in general stores, but they offer more support. Basically, a podiatrist can make custom shoe inserts that are designed to assist with the specific problem you have with your feet. Your feet will be thoroughly examined and treated for underlying conditions before the orthotics are made. You will be able to use the orthotics in all of your shoes to reduce foot pain.

How Are Orthotics Beneficial?

Other than providing support for foot pain relief, orthotics are able to assist with numerous other problems as well. For instance, you will have better balance while you are walking and standing, which can prevent you from accidentally falling down. Good balance is also a great way to avoid putting pressure on a single area of your feet, such as on a joint and getting a bunion. Orthotics can also be used for making your feet properly aligned with your legs, which can also provide back pain relief do to your posture being improved. A podiatrist can discover the other benefits that you will enjoy by wearing custom orthotics.

Are Orthotics Affordable?

Orthotics are sold in a variety of prices that are based on your specific needs and the type that you opt for. The most expensive orthotics are the ones that are customized, but they are a worthy investment. Keep in in mind that it is possible that your health insurance provider will pay a portion of he expenses for your orthotics. However, you will have to call in advances to confirm if the orthotics are covered or not.